Welcome to Fox Valley Kubb and home of the Clash of Kubb

Appleton, WI




Special Guests for the Clash of Kubb

Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin 

Adam Kokesh and Macey Tomlin 

Adam is the author of the book FREEDOM and stated that everyone will get a FREE SIGNED copy of the book at the Clash of Kubb.  Adam and Macey are on the American Campfire FREEDOM Tour spreading the message of FREEDOM, PEACE, LOVE, AND ADVANCING HUMANITY TO A FREE SOCIETY.   The motto of Kubb is 'Kubb unites people and creates peace on Earth'  What a great combination to have such great people so passionate about advancing the message of PEACE to join us the Weekend of Aug. 14th and 15th.  We will have a fire Friday evening Aug. 14th at our house with Adam and Macey, we hope you can join us!  Please check out TheFreedomLine